Where did the term “Hotlanta” come from?


Atlanta is famous for many things. Centuries ago, the Cherokee Indians called it “Standing Peachtree”. There are many nicknames for the city and the most popular one is ‘Hotlanta’. In this article, we will discuss how Atlanta got its name and how it became popular as Hotlanta.

Today’s Atlanta was once the terminal point for the Atlantic Railroad. The town was also called as Terminus, Danville, Thrasherville, and even Marthasville after the area’s popular figures. But it was J. Edgar Thompson who named the city as Atlanta in 1847.

The term Hotlanta was first used by the Allman Brothers in their popular song “Hot-lanta”. It was an ode to the cool, hip vibe of the city. Yes, it is true that Atlanta is a hot city i.e. has warm weather. And many started to use the term to refer to the city’s weather.

Another reason why Hotlanta got popular was due to the Summer Olympics of 1996. The city’s population grew from 2 million to 5 million in six years, making it a popular place.

Quite a few movies and TV shows have shot in Atlanta in the last few years. Some famous ones include The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, The Stranger Things and many more. So it is not just the same lame couch potato shows that are getting filmed here. It is the mob following, crowd crazy kind of shows that that produced in Atlanta.

Another theory suggests Hotlanta is a reference to the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War.

 So what makes a hot weather place so cool?

Let us start with the trees. Atlanta has trees everywhere, including the inner city. So they have the global warming well covered. When you are finding an address here, be extra careful as Atlanta has over 20 Peachtree Streets. Yes, they love Peach and even have nicknames like The Big Peach, Peach City, the City of Trees and so on.

Atlanta is the favourite destination for the millennials. There is something for every creative type. The artsy folks love the Goat Farm, a 19th-century industrial complex turned into an art center. Another big attraction in Atlanta is the DragonCon. Started in 1987, DragonCon is a multi-genre convention that usually takes place during the labour day weekend. In 2017, it attracted over 80,000 participants for the annual convention.

The convention attracts geeks from all over the country. It is particularly attractive for the fans of science fiction and fantasy literature. Since 2016, the convention also awards the ‘Dragon Award’ where fans vote to recognise the best achievement in fiction and fantasy literature.

Another cool thing is Atlanta is “The Living Walls” an art-based non-profit that has changed dull buildings in Atlanta into awe-inspiring artworks. The organisation is attracting not only art crowd but even common folk to see how even a nuisance like graffiti can be turned into an interesting concept.

 They say all creative types are moving to Atlanta. Whether or not true, it is still a great city. But be prepared for the warm weather in Hotlanta in case you make it your new home.

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